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The Leveler is a powerful woodcutting device.

At first, it was meant to cut down the woods that were marked with a red spray, but things took a more serious turn when Hexxus fooled Tony and Ralph to head for FernGully.

As the two of them finally made it there, Hexxus took over the machine after scaring them out of it. In the end the Leveler is destroyed in a magnificent demonstration about the power of nature, it gets ripped off its seams by roots of a tree.


The Leveler is a large mobile lumber harvester, acting as a mobile lumber mill. It has a pair of extendable arms with long saw blades on each wrist. The hands are used to grab onto trees and cut branches with its sharp fingers-like claws. It is driven by a powerful diesel engine allowing it to operate efficiently. It moves on a pair of spiked treads which give effective traction in the woods. The center of this platform is the harvester unit, a series of saw blades which shave the bark off trees and process the lumber into boards. The interior has a break room, the drivers cabin, and the lumber mill warehouse. It is rendered inoperable when Zak turned off the engine and depriving Hexxus his 'energy' and buried in a tree.