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Ferngully 2 You Are Never Alone!

Wanna Be Back Home/We'll Make It If We Try is a song from FernGully 2: The Magical Rescue.


Bandy: I'm so small
So afraid
I'm so lonely and so sad
I miss my mommy
And my dad

Wal: I just wanna curl up in my bed

Bandy: I just want

Wal: I just wanna be

Bandy: I just wanna be back home

Wal: Back home

Bandy: I just want

Wal: I just wanna be

Bandy: I just...

Animals: Wanna be back home
I just wanna be

Lizard: I wanna go home

Animals: Back home

Bandy: I wanna go home

Nugget: But it's hopeless

Animals: Hopeless

Echidna: We're Helpless

Animals: Helpless
We'll never get out
We'll never be free
We wanna go back home

Batty: Come everybody
You know you're not alone
If we stick together, we'll find our way home

Take a look around you
Tell me what you see
We're all part of a great big family
Can you feel it?

Chorus: Can you feel it?

Batty: Deep inside you
Chorus: Deep inside you

Batty: It will guide you
Chorus: It will guide you

Batty: To the end
Chorus: To the end

Batty: It's the power

Chorus: It's the power

Batty: Of emotions

Chorus: Of emotions

Batty: It's the love of a faithful friend

Chorus: Faith can move a mountain
Faith can set you free

Faithful friends to the end
Forever you and me

Together we will make it
We'll can make it if we try

Together forever you and I
Batty: You and I

Chorus: Together forever oh

Batty: Listen to me now
We're gonna find our way
Back home